In-Play Scanner

Filtering Matches

Many users have a particular focus on a select group of live matches, be it games from a certain region, those featuring a specific number of goals, or matches under certain odds and conditions. In this article, we will guide you through the process of creating a custom view on our scanner, tailored to display only the matches that align with your specific interests and requirements.

Quick Filters

To set a Quick Filter, simply click on the icon in the column you want to filter and choose an option that suits your objective from the list. You can use Quick Filters across various columns to have them collaborate and select only the games that meet multiple criteria simultaneously.

Columns with filters applied with display the icon in place of the icon. Click the icon to replace or remove a quick filter in this column.

Indicates where to click to reveal the quick filters

Combining filtering criteria

Our filter options provide you with the flexibility to refine your match selection using a combination of different criteria. Let's take a closer look at how you can utilize the "AND" and "OR" options to effectively combine two filters.

Suppose you want to filter matches that have 'More than 2 goals' and also ensure these matches are currently a 'Draw'. Here, you would first select the 'More than X goals' filter and specify the number of goals. Then, using the "AND" option, you can combine it with the 'Draw' filter. This combination will show you matches where the total number of goals is greater than your specified value, and the current score is a draw.

combining two quick filters in the in-play scanner

Alternatively, if you want to view matches that either have 'Less than X goals' or where the 'Underdog is ahead,' you would select the 'Less than X goals' filter, specify your goal limit, and then use the "OR" option to combine it with the 'Underdog is ahead' filter. This setup will display matches that meet either one of these conditions – less than the specified number of goals or matches where the underdog is leading.

These combination filters are particularly useful for creating highly specific match views that align with your unique strategies and preferences. By mastering the use of "AND" and "OR" options, you can efficiently narrow down the matches to those that are most relevant to your analysis.

Filtering Matches Picked by Your Strategies

A typical approach among users involves employing their custom strategies to pre-select matches, followed by using the in-play scanner to monitor all relevant data about them in a single place. To streamline this process and ensure that your scanner displays only those matches selected by your strategies, simply follow the steps outlined below:

  1. Click the icon on the Pick column
  2. Select the "Picked by any Strategy" option