Exporting to Excel

Our tool enables you to download data related to your strategy in Excel, CSV, or JSON formats. The data is organized into sections with multiple columns. These columns offer detailed statistics and odds as they stood at that particular moment.

The available data formats (XLSX, CSV, JSON) enhance integration with various tools and software, allowing for detailed analysis of your strategy's performance. This includes generating custom charts and tracking the strategy's historical evolution, thereby aiding in understanding its effectiveness and identifying areas for improvement.

The included data is as follows:

Alert Time Stats
Provides in-play statistics data as they were when the game was picked.
Half Time Stats
Provides statistics data as they were at Half Time.
Full Time Stats
Provides statistics data as they were at the final whistle.
Live Odds (Alert Time)
Provides live odds pertaining to the moment when the game was picked.
Pre-Match Odds
Provides Pre-Match odds values for the specific game.
Goal Times
Provides the listing of the minutes when goals were scored.
Provides a summary of the goals and corners in the match.

At present, customizing the columns in the final file is not possible, but we are actively planning to introduce this feature in a future update.

Excel document with a compilation of in-play strategy data

Requesting a Spreadsheet File

To request a spreadsheet file, navigate to the History page of your strategy and click the Download button. Data files are sent to you via email after being requested through our interface.

Please note that under certain circumstances, such as when multiple users request several files simultaneously, there may be a delay in receiving your files, potentially taking several hours. Generating these files is a computationally intensive and time-consuming operation. In cases of high demand, a queue may form, and we process files in the order they are requested. We appreciate your patience and understanding as we ensure each user is fairly and efficiently served.

Accessing Data in JSON Format

Our JSON format provides a rich and detailed dataset, encompassing all available information about a match, down to the minute-by-minute action. Accessing this level of detail can significantly enhance your strategic analysis. It's important to note that utilizing this format effectively requires programming knowledge and proficiency in data analysis. To access this comprehensive JSON dataset, please reach out to us directly.