In-Play Scanner

Live Dashboard Structure

We may be biased, but there are some problems we think our scanner solves better than anything else out there by offering a unique solution for live game information. Designed as an interactive table, it serves as a central hub for both up-to-the-second updates and pre-match details, forming a comprehensive toolset. Users can customize and filter data to meet their specific needs, ensuring a tailored and efficient experience.

Due to the sheer volume of data and limited screen space, our scanner is designed to minimize visual clutter. Only the most critical data is shown initially. However, many additional stats can be added and customized, so pay attention to the next chapters to maximize its use.

Showcases the live dashboard in action.

In-Play Scanner Table Structure

If you're even vaguely familiar with Excel spreadsheets, you'll quickly adapt and find navigating our in-play scanner quite straightforward, as it operates on similar logic.

The intuitive nature of this structure not only makes comparison between matches easy but also allows for quick sorting and organization of data.

Columns: Represent specific statistics or odds, like goals, momentum, or shots, and can be rearranged just like in Excel to prioritize the information you're most interested in.

Rows: Correspond to individual matches, collating all relevant data for each game horizontally. Rows can also be hidden or reorganized.