Sharing Strategies

Our tool empowers you to quickly share your strategies with friends, followers, across your social networks, or within a Telegram channel or group. By sharing strategies, you not only engage in collaborative exchanges of ideas but also gain valuable feedback and validation, helping to refine and improve your strategic approaches.

How to Share a Strategy

Go to the strategy menu and obtain the unique Share Link of your Strategy. By clicking this link, other users will be able to quickly add a copy of this strategy to their personal account.

Sharing options for strategies and what they can modify.

Details on What is Shared

When sharing a strategy, you are sharing its name, desired outcome, and the set rules. Information like historical performance, strike rate, and the listing of previous picks are kept private and are not included in the shared content.

Impact of Post-Sharing Modifications

Any modifications made to a strategy after sharing it will only affect your personal account's version of that strategy. Consequently, if you have imported a shared strategy to your account and want to obtain any modifications made by its original creator, you'll need to import it again using it's share link. You can also review the new rule set of the strategy through the share link, without having to import it into your account.

Sharing Strategy Picks via Telegram

If you prefer to maintain the confidentiality of your strategy's specifics while still sharing its picks and alerts with your followers, our tool offers a solution. By utilizing this approach, you can share real-time alerts generated by your strategy with selected individuals, yet keep the underlying formula of your strategy exclusive to yourself. This is achievable through the creation of a Telegram Channel linked to your InPlayGuru account. For detailed instructions on setting this up, please refer to the relevant section of our guide.