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Pioneering the use of advanced in-play analytics in football, we were one of the first platforms to introduce the Momentum (aka attacking pressure) metric, following a unique formula developed by us. By leveraging this exclusive tool, you gain a unique and deeper understanding of the game, uncovering patterns and trends that are invisible to others.

By observing the Momentum graph, you can gauge which team is exerting more attacking pressure. A high Momentum usually signals that a team is dominating in the opponent's half of the field, and these are often the moments when goals are likely to be scored.

On the other hand, a low Momentum can be an indicator that a team is struggling to effectively launch attacks or counter-attacks. This could make them more vulnerable to conceding goals. By keeping an eye on these trends, you can get a better understanding of the flow of the game and which team is more likely to score or concede a goal at any given time. It's a valuable tool for getting a deeper insight into the dynamics of a match.

Our unique Momentum formula incorporates several key components including attacks, shots and ball possession to ascertain momentum values. These values are dynamically calculated in real-time, reflecting the most recent 10 minutes of play.

Graphic representation of Momentum, showing the difference in attack pressure between each team.

There is no upper cap on the momentum score. A team's offensive prowess is the main factor influencing this score. Nevertheless, it's worth noting that values exceeding 100 are uncommon and signify an extraordinary asymmetry in the gameplay, indicating a highly dominant performance by one team.

In the momentum chart, previous goals scored during the match are visually represented as circles. This feature allows for an intuitive understanding of the game's flow, correlating goals with shifts in momentum.

A high Momentum doesn't guarantee that the team will score or win the game; it simply demonstrates that the team has attacking prowess, and the greater this prowess, the higher the chance of scoring.