The Strategy feature on InPlayGuru offers you a sophisticated and automated way to track football matches.
It will alert you the moment a specific game fulfills the criteria you seek, selected from a diverse range of search rules covering in-play and pre-match statistics and odds, be it a sudden shift in momentum, the losing team scoring in the 85th minute, or even a change in live odds.

This functionality not only transforms your ability to spot valuable opportunities but also lets you save time by automating the alerting process so you can track your matches like a real Pro!

After your custom match alerts, you have the option to switch to the in-play scanner to keep an eye on all your picks with a real-time view of the games, ensuring you don't miss any critical developments. Whether you prefer a hands-on approach or a more passive system with our Telegram alerts, the flexibility of InPlayGuru caters to your unique needs.

In addition to generating instant alerts to notify you about a new match that aligns with your criteria (referred to as a 'pick'), your strategy also keeps a history of its picks and outcomes. This enables you to retrospectively analyze the effectiveness of your strategy.

Continue reading to learn the step-by-step process of setting up strategies and to discover how to maximize their potential to enhance your analysis and decision-making.