Strike Rate and Auto-Striking

Automatic Game Categorization with Desired Outcome

Our system enhances your strategy tracking by automatically categorizing each game as a 'Hit' or 'Miss' in your strategy history. This is done based on the 'Desired Outcome' you've set for your strategy. With this feature, manual updating is eliminated, ensuring that your Strike Rate is always current and accurate.

Showing Outcome Results in Telegram Alerts

When you associate a Desired Outcome with your strategy, in addition to viewing the Hit or Miss results in your strategy history, these outcomes will also be conveniently displayed in your Telegram alerts.

Manual Categorization Option

While the automatic categorization feature streamlines the process, you have the flexibility to manually categorize games as well. This option is available whether you've defined a Desired Outcome or not. In scenarios where no Desired Outcome is set, manually categorizing games is essential to maintain an accurate Strike Rate percentage.

It's important to note that keeping track of the Strike Rate is entirely optional and is solely for your self-reference. It does not influence the functioning of your strategy.