Strategy History

As mentioned earlier, every match picked by your strategy is recorded on its respective History page. This page provides a comprehensive listing where you can examine the outcomes of each selected match, and view in-depth statistics for each of them. Furthermore, for more detailed analysis, you have the option to export this strategy overview to Excel.

strategy history page

Picked Matches

On this page, every selected match is listed chronologically, with the most recent picks at the top. The background color of each pick indicates its status: a green background means a Hit, grey signifies a Miss, and a plain background indicates the match is either ongoing or a relevant outcome hasn't been set (picks in this 3rd state don't contribute to the strategy's strike rate).

Besides automatically categorizing outcomes, you have the option to manually mark a pick as a Hit or Miss, or even remove a match from your history, using the provided buttons.

Each pick features a "Stats" button, which when clicked, displays a pop-up with detailed information about the match, including statistics across various periods, momentum, odds evolution, and more.

pick stats tooltip showing FT in-play statistics in a bar format

Strike Rate & Fair Odd

This page also provides a summary that includes the total number of picks, the Strike Rate (i.e. the percentage of hits - picks which fulfilled your desired outcome), and the Fair Odd indicator, which represents the just, minimum odd based on the strike rate of this strategy.

Breakdown by League

To access a more detailed analysis, you can click on any of the values in the header or the "Breakdown by league" button. This action will take you to a page that presents a detailed summary, organized by league, of the number of picks, the strike rate (hit rate), and its respective fair odd. This detailed view enables you to better understand how each league is contributing, either positively or negatively, to the results of your strategy.

strategy history breakdown by league page

Filtering Results by State

For a more detailed analysis of your picks, click the button to filter and view picks based on their status as a Hit, Miss, or undefined.