Importing From The Gallery

We understand that building something exceptional from the ground up can be challenging, especially for newcomers unfamiliar with the platform. That's precisely why we've introduced a strategy gallery featuring a diverse selection of examples contributed by our community. Feel free to utilize these examples as valuable learning resources to kickstart your journey, and don't hesitate to make adjustments and build upon them as needed. They come with no guarantee of specific results.

On the Strategy Gallery page, you can view an array of existing options, along with its author, strike rate, and the number of times it has been picked to have a grasp of its behaviour and volume of matches it will pick.

gallery of strategies page

You can also examine the list of rules that make up the strategy by clicking on the adjacent "Rules" button.

rules of sample strategy on the strategy galery page

To import of the displayed strategies to your account, click the "Add" button. This action will automatically import the strategy to your "My Strategies" list.

This intuitive process enables you to seamlessly integrate 'get-started' strategies into your portfolio, making them easily accessible and manageable and offering insights into system behavior.