In-Play Scanner

Stats and Data Explained

The following list details all the data options accessible on our in-play scanner dashboard. Numerous other odds and pre-match data points, crucial for strategy formulation, are available but not displayed live. For more information, please refer to the Strategies section.

In-Play Statistics

Momentum Chart
Presents, in the form of a graph, the real-time evolution of each team's attack pressure throughout the game, offering a dynamic view to illustrate which team is exerting higher attacking pressure.
Presents the real-time value of each team's current attacking pressure.
xG (expected goals) indicates the likelihood of a team turning a shot into a goal based on factors like location, angle, play type, and other relevant variables. A high xG suggests numerous quality goal-scoring opportunities, while a low xG indicates less threatening chances. The xG metric consistently increases over the course of a game, as it is cumulative and rises with every shot taken.
Shots On Target
Provides a live count of shots directed at the goal, necessitating the goalkeeper's intervention to prevent the ball from scoring.
Shots Off Target
Displays the real-time count of shots that posed no goal threat or that missed the goal. A shot hitting the frame of the Goal is classified as a Shot Off Target.
Shots (Total)
Shows the total of shots in the match, capturing both on-target and off-target attempts.
The total number of corners in the game. Happens when the ball goes out over the goal line after touching a defending player. During a corner kick, the attacking team has a chance to create goal-scoring opportunities. The number of corners earned indicates the team's offensive presence.
Represents the offensive actions of a team during a match, including passes, shots, and dribbles to create goal-scoring opportunities. This metric provides insights into the level of offensive activity, analyzing how often the team advances and applies pressure on opponents.
Dangerous Attacks
Indicates high-risk offensive situations, with significant potential to result in goals, such as moments when a team approaches the opponent's goal area dangerously, creating intense attacking opportunities. This metric is crucial for assessing a team's ability to generate impactful offensive plays.
Refers to the percentage of time during the match when a team controls the ball. A high % indicates effectiveness, dominance and control on the field, while a lower % suggests a more reactive approach.
Red Cards
Indicates the quantity of players who have been expelled due to serious infractions. Such ejections can tactically influence the course of the match.
Yellow Cards
Indicates the number of cards a team receives during a match. It serves as a disciplinary measure by referees for unsporting behavior, misconduct, or serious infractions. The accumulation of multiple yellow cards can result in expulsion either through a second yellow card or a straight red card. The opposing team may be awarded a free kick or penalty as consequence.
Passing Accuracy
Measures the percentage of successful passes in the match. It assesses how effectively players coordinate and distribute the ball and connect on the field. A high accuracy percentage indicates strong technical skills and coordination, enhancing ball possession and offensive plays. Conversely, lower accuracy may indicate passing challenges, affecting overall team performance.

The formula to calculate passing accuracy is: Passing Accuracy = (Completed Passes/Total Passes Attempted) × 100
Crossing Accuracy
Assesses the percentage of successful crosses out of the total attempts by a player or team in a match. It gauges the effectiveness of delivering precise crosses into the playing area, high crossing accuracy indicates accurate delivery, creating scoring opportunities for attackers. Conversely, lower crossing accuracy may suggest challenges in executing precise crosses, impacting the effectiveness of offensive plays.

The formula to calculate crossing accuracy is: Crossing Accuracy = (Total Crosses Attempted/Successful Crosses) × 100
It is a distinct effort to score that would have entered the net if not thwarted by the goalkeeper or halted by a player who is the last line of defense, with the goalkeeper unable to prevent the goal (last-line block).
Free Kicks
Represent the number of situations in which a team has the opportunity to take a direct shot towards the opposing goal due to a foul committed by the opponents. The team can utilize these opportunities to score goals or create offensive plays.
Represents the quantity of injuries suffered by players during the match. The impact of injuries can influence the performance and strategy of the entire team.
Show the number of rule violations by players during a match, such as pushing or handballs. Referees interrupt the game, applying disciplinary measures like free kicks, penalties, or cards based on severity. Fouls also create strategic opportunities for teams through free kicks.
Reveals the team's count of penalties endured in the match. It signifies instances where the team gains a chance for a direct shot at the opposing goal from the penalty spot due to fouls committed by the opponents in the penalty area. Penalties present valuable opportunities that can profoundly influence the match's outcome.
indicate the number of player replacements made by the team during the match. Typically limited to three per team, substitutions are strategic moves to adjust tactics, introduce fresh players, or respond to injuries.

Match Info

Enables you to pin or hide games by simply clicking on the symbols in the column.
Displays the number of your strategies for which the game met the criteria and was picked. For example, if you observe "(3)" it signifies that the game adhered to the criteria of three strategies you have formulated.
Indicates the current minute of the match, following the format from 0' up to 90'. When extra time is added, you'll see the symbol "+" along with the extra time. The timer continues to run until the final whistle.
Provides information about the specific league and country which the game is part of.
Displays the emblems and team names of the two teams competing in the match. Additionally, in parentheses, it shows the team's ranking within the league.
It visually indicates the team's performance in their most recent 5 games through colors and letters. A green hue with the letter W signifies a win, an orange shade with the letter D represents a draw, and a red tint with the letter L denotes a loss.
Presents the match score at half-time.
It provides the current goal results for both teams. When a goal is scored during the game, a flashing blue highlighting appears on the screen, emphasizing the scoring team.


Displays the total matched volume (in British Pounds - £) on the 1x2 market.

Pre-Match Statistics

The pre-match statistics provide data from the most recent 5 games of each team, regardless of the competition those matches were part of.

Goals Scored Avg
Displays the average of goals scored by the team in their last 5 games.
Goals Scored 1H Avg
Displays the average number of goals scored by the team in the first half in their last 5 games.
Goals Scored 2H Avg
Displays the average number of goals scored by the team during the second half in their last 5 games.
Goals Conceded Avg
Displays the average of goals conceded by the team in their last 5 games.
Goals Conceded 1H Avg
Displays the average number of goals conceded by the team in the 1st half in their last 5 games.
Goals Conceded 2H Avg
Displays the average number of goals conceded in the 2nd half by the team in their last 5 games.
Corners For Avg
Displays the average number of corners in favor of the team in their last 5 games.
Corners Against Avg
Displays the team's average number of corners conceded by the team in their last 5 games.
Over 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5 Goals %
Displays the percentage of matches (in the past 5 games of this team) which had a total number of goals over 0.5/1.5/2.5/3.5.
Shots On Target Avg
Displays the average total of shots on target by the team in their last 5 games.
Shots Off Target Avg
Displays the average total of shots off target by the team in their last 5 games.
Displays the percentage of matches where both the team and its opponents scored at least one goal each in the last 5 games.
Clean Sheet %
Displays the percentage of matches in which the team has prevented the opponents from scoring in the most recent 5 games.
Failed To Score %
Displays the percentage of matches in the last 5 games in which the team failed to score any goals.


1 / X / 2
Displays real-time odds for the scenario where, respectively, Home Wins / Draw / Away Wins. These odds can change during the match based on the game's progress. Dropping odds and raising odds are signaled by a green/red arrow.
Pertains to the Over/Under market odds for the 1st Half and Full Time. Due to the data volume, it's necessary to place the cursor over the icon to reveal the data in a tooltip.


This writable field allows you to enter a note for each game. For personal reference only. At the end of the match, the note will disappear along with the game.