My Strategies

Your "My Strategies" page acts as the hub for all the strategies loaded into your account, whether created by you, imported from our gallery, or added via a shared link by another user.

Once a strategy is added to your account it's fully yours to customize and this is the page where you can control it all.

In the list of your strategies you'll find a panel displaying key information such as the Name, Desired Outcome, Pick Count, Hit Rate %, Status, Alert State and other controls.

Show the strategy buttons and information.

Let's delve into a detailed explanation of these:

Name and Desired Outcome
You can identify a strategy by its unique name. The strategy name is used for your personal reference and is also displayed in the alerts and emails. You can also view and edit the Desired Outcome associated with this strategy.
Pick Count and Hit Rate
Information on how many picks a strategy has generated and the percentage of times the set outcome was fulfilled by those picks.
Indicates whether the strategy is active (accepting new picks) or disabled. Initially, all strategies are inactive when created. Clicking the OFF button toggles it to ON, activating the strategy for alerts, picks, and historical tracking.
Muted Status
Indicates if the strategy is muted. Muting a strategy means it remains active, continuing to gather new correspondences, but does not emit alerts.
A note button is displayed if you have added a note to the strategy. Click it to edit the note attached to this strategy.
In the Controls section, you can click the button to open the options menu or click the button to reveal this strategy's rules and additional functions.

Strategy Menu

Clicking the button next to a strategy will open its menu which houses several important features:

inplayguru strategy menu
Allows you to set a new name for the strategy, similarly to clicking on the strategy name.
Set Desired Outcome
Enables you to define or change the desired outcome for this strategy. This will affect the marking of newcoming picks as Hit or Miss.
Creates a copy of the strategy, replicating all its aspects except its history. Useful for testing different variations of the same strategy without recreating the common rules from scratch.
Add Note
Lets you write a note attached to your strategy for personal reference.
Mute Alerts
Prevents the strategy from emitting new alerts. It continues to make picks and maintain a history but won't alert you when a game is picked. Useful for new strategies in a testing phase.
View History
Redirects you to the History page of this strategy. Read more about this in its dedicated guide page.
Displays this strategy unique link which you can use to share it with others.
Clear History
The option will permanently erases the strategy's history, and the Delete option removes the strategy definitively.
Removes this strategy permanently. It won't be possible to restore it once you confirm deletion.

Revealing strategy details

To prevent visual clutter and show a clear listing of all your strategies, each strategy's rules are hidden. Click the button to unfold all the rules and details of that strategy. You can then take action on each rule or add new ones.

Showcases the buttons to edit or delet rules.

Sorting Your Strategies

It's possible to organize the visual order in which strategies are presented in this page. Clicking the "Order By" button will display a list of options:

Date Created
Organizes strategies by the order of creation, from the newest to the oldest.
Last Edited
Organizes strategies from of the most recently edited strategy to the oldest.
Organizes strategies in alphabetical order.
Desired Outcome
Organizes by the order of the Desired Outcome listing.
Shows enabled strategies first, in alphabetical order. Disabled strategies go to the end of the list.
Muted Status
Organizes muted strategies and uses alphabetical order to arrange them. Strategies that are not muted go to the end of the list.
Uses the notes attached to each strategy (explained later in this article) to organize strategies at the end of the list and uses alphabetical order within the notes to arrange them. All other strategies stay at the top of the list.
Strike Rate %
Uses the percentage of the Strike Rate to organize strategies in descending order.
Pick Count
Sorts the strategies so that those with most picks are shown first.