Filtering Leagues

You may prefer to focus your efforts exclusively on elite or certain leagues. Higher-quality football is more predictable. In larger leagues, a team with superior skills is more likely to deliver consistent results, unlike lower-level teams. Acknowledging this need, we have introduced league filtering features. When enabled, this filter will ensure that your strategies operate within the chosen leagues exclusively.

league filter selection window

You can set a Global League Filter that applies to all your strategies. It also filters the matches that are displayed in the In-Play Scanner.

Additionally, you may set a Strategy-specific League Filter that will apply exclusively to that strategy, instead of the global filter. This strategy-specific filter can either be narrower or broader in terms of league selection than your global filter.

When creating your league filter, you can search for the league or country names, and the system will filter the results accordingly. Alternatively, you can scroll through the leagues and tick the checkbox next to their names to select them.

Operation modes

When setting a league filter there are two operation modes:

  1. Pick matches of selected leagues only:
    • Only the selected leagues are allowed
    • New leagues added in the future are excluded
  2. Pick matches of all leagues except selected:
    • Only selected leagues are excluded
    • New leagues added in the future are allowed

Reusing league filters

If you want all or the majority of your strategies to use the same filter, just set it as your global league filter.

If you want strategy B to use the same filter as strategy A you can use the "Clone filter" option when creating the filter for strategy B and select to pre-select the leagues used in strategy A instead of picking the leagues manually.